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Our Story

Our Story

 Thank you for checking out my small business Oaklyn13; my name is Hope and I am currently also a Senior at West Chester University studying psychology. Based in Pennsylvania, I began my business 3 years ago by making my own custom sweatshirt designs and selling them locally. 

 Here at Oaklyn13, all of our clothing is sustainably made and sourced with quality and durability in mind. We believe that a variety of high-quality pieces are essential to building the perfect wardrobe. Whether you're shopping for new basics or that one outfit that's been saved on your Pinterest board, we've got something for everyone.

 For a bit of background on where the name originated from, 13 Oaklyn Avenue is my home address where I grew up for most of my life as well as where I spent my finals moments with my Dad before his passing in July of 2022. I decided to rename my business to Oaklyn13 in 2023 as a way to both honor my father, and also because it felt much more fulfilling to have a name that was truly meaningful to me.


Our Promise

 We consider shopping ethically to be an essential and necessary part of the clothing industry, which is why we pride ourselves on sourcing our clothing made by people who are treated and paid fairly for their efforts. Some articles are handmade in house, all other non-handmade items are ethically sourced from responsible suppliers.

Our loungewear designs are original and made in house.